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Ben Schoon is a writer and content creator who works as a Senior Editor at He is active on social media and can be reached for tips and business proposals at the contact form below.

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Ben's work can primarily be found at 9to5Google. He writes news on a daily basis for the site as well as helping with reviews and other forms of content. Yearly, Ben drives a significant portion of the site's traffic.


Ben helped launch a small publication in 2013 and has since contributed work primarily to 9to5Google with daily news, reviews, and videos on the site's YouTube channel. He also has an interest in photography and other forms of content creation.Ben married his wife Melissa in June 2019. She operates a small photography business, Briar Rose Photos.Ben is a resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Got a tip, business proposal, or just want to chat? Contact Ben using the form below. The message will be sent securely to him via encrypted email.For messages relating to 9to5Google, you can also directly email

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Where to find me on social media

Since a certain someone is ruining Twitter, you can find me on other social platforms. I'm most active on Mastodon and Instagram.